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Adhesive Bonding Guide

Adhesive Bonding is – besides welding and soldering, defined as a so called “special process” according to DIN EN ISO 9001: “processes with results that cannot be wholly inspected or tested by non-destructive methods and therefore cannot be verified by final inspection”. If welding and soldering are special processes then adhesive bonding is a special process even more so. Reasons for this are – compared to other joining techniques – the variety of applications which are more diversified, the number of quality influencing factors is much higher and the users of adhesives are often not aware of the technological requirements of adhesive bonding technology.

Due to these reasons the guide “Adhesive Bonding – the right way!” has been developed. It was designed for general applications of adhesives and quality assurance of the adhesively bonded joint. The range of this guide covers all technological aspects from product planning to repair and recycling. The mayor task of this guide is to enable the user of adhesives identifying quality influence factors and choosing suitable methods of quality assurance.


Moreover, the online guideline sensibilizes the user of adhesives concerning the technological knowledge to avoid failures in case of adhesive selection and application. This guide is a perfect complement for workforce qualification at intercompany level for consulting of customers and for product training carried out by adhesive producers.


This online guide addresses all users of adhesives to get a basic knowledge of adhesive bonding technology, to avoid failures and to use this future technology in a reliable way. The adhesive bonding guide is not limited to a specific industrial sector and is universally valid.


                         The use of the guide is free of charge.



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