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The member companies of the German Adhesives Association are operating far beyond the German border - Adhesive systems "Made in Germany" are supplied to a substantial number of European and global target markets & industries. Therefore the German Adhesives Association publishes documents, briefing notes, press releases, etc. which are relevant for the industry and the customers also in English.




Environmental Mission Statement






Educational Materials - Bonding/Adhesives: An information from the IVK and the Education fund of the Chemical Industry (VCI)

Based on the successful German educational materials that IVK published in co-operation with VCI, an English translation was worked out in order to roll out this valuable information all over Europe. This material is available on CD-ROM, and it can also be downloaded from here. The use of the material is free of charge.

Adhesives Technology Compendium
- Edition 2017

In a joint project the German Adhesives Association and the editors of the magazine ADHESION - Adhesives & Sealants started already back in 2009, to publish the Adhesives Technology Compendium every second year. Since 2015, the team of authors has been extended to IVK´s fellow associations from Austria, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Thus, the newly published reference book 2017 contains the company profiles of more than 160 adhesive & sealant manufacturers, raw-material suppliers, dosing & mixing equipment suppliers, research institutes, as well as consultancy companies and toll manufacturers from these four European countries.
Furthermore the compendium gives a survey on the broad activities and committee work of IVK and its sister associations, as well as on European legislation & regulations, statistic and standards, important to the European Adhesives & Sealant Industry.


Hardcopies of the Adhesives Technology Compendium can be bought at a price of Euro 25,90 (incl. VAT, plus shipping) from: Industrieverband Klebstoffe e.V., P.O.-Box 26 01 25, D-40094 Düsseldorf - or by E-mail: martina.weinberg(at)klebstoffe(dot)com.


The e-paper of the Adhesives Technology Compendium 2017 is available here.

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